Saturday, September 08, 2007

Thought of a BLOG.

Anything as a thought in articulate form exerted through my fingers on this technology interface, that came out of the chemical inteactions in my processing part of my body, which are brought in to the brain by an assortment of electro chemical processes that I have produced in my body by voluntary on involuntary intake of some sort to either feed my apettite or cure a disease together with the emotions that determines the course of changes in the pathways of such chemical interactions and the time it takes as well, which ultimately prompted to the very effort of this action of blogging to have everthing that pops up in my mind to be allowed to cause simillar reactions on those who have had simillar or close to simillar thoughts that prompted them to click on a topic that lured to be part of a concatenation of chain reaction around the world... uhuh........Does that explain exactly what our perspective of a blog could be by all meaningful materialsitc attributes to be included as well.

Friday, February 03, 2006

My Religious Orientation!?

As far as I am concerned, though I am born for Hindu parents, I constantly question the priest's of any religion and the king's or government head's role in improving the economy of that place by building massive religious establishments and getting attention and bringing tourists to their place by spread of rumors of the success of those who worshiped that God. I am neither an atheist nor an agnostic nor a firm believer. I am just in pursuit of making my self believe in a supreme power with no name. It is not the Hindu religion I question; I may have questions and answers for other religions and customs as well. I consider even an abominable practice of perhaps a religion or a tribe created by them for their very own survival at some point in time even if they are contemporarily irrelevant and obsolete. But we cant go and start educate them for it may invite an offence by that community for they are used to be comfortable and confident with their practice and anything to question that would be considered an offence. Hope that explains my religions orientation. By saying so, it doesn’t mean that I am anti-religious. I do also believe in adapting one of the pre-established ways of merging my soul with a greater soul - if at all one exists as the concepts explain. And I think its cool to be part of a society at times whether they have a belief similar to your are not. Who knows there may be many out there who perhaps have the same idea and still participate in orthodox religious activities just to relate themselves with their near and dears. May be I am no different than those hypocrites - if they are called so and if they don’t have any other term in dictionary. Keep me informed if you know any better term than the one I use.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Vegetarians and Meat-eaters - can they coexist as life partners!?

I care about animals. The time and reason I chose to be a vegetarian was a very crucial one in my life. It was a festival day and I was about 15 yrs old. In India different people celebrate the festival in different ways. Some have vegetarian food and some have mutton (goat meat). Our family is half to middle are vegetarian; to be precise all men are meat eaters and all women are vegetarians and so on festival days we don’t cook meat as it is considered unreligious. But in that village where I am from, as the demand for the meat was more they opened a temporary goat slaughter place near our house for that day alone. I have never been to a place where animals are killed and have never seen the kind of pain they undergo whilst they are killed. On that day, I saw blood flowing from that place as more an more goats are killed. I was stunned by that scene and I was speechless and was staring at the action of those butchers for quite sometime. After sometime, it seems they ran out of animals and they dragged a she goat which was tied very close to that culling place that it could visibly see all its mates getting killed. It was the last animal left on that lot. I could see its stomach slightly bigger than usual. Alas, I watched it crying and I couldn't wait to see that scene. I turned my face although I still was inquisitive of how would it look inside an animal, which made me stop and watch it further. Half my mind wants to leave the place. So I decided to go and buy the crackers the actual purpose of me coming out our home and on my way back I saw through the gaps of the legs of people crowded there, unborn goats with white skin shining with the little light from the near by shops falling on them. This time I couldn’t stand there to watch what it would be like inside those foetal goats and it took almost more than a week to digest the first horrible scene in my life. I lost sleep and we didn't have the culture of opening up then and talk about our fears to elders or others in our family as I was afraid that I may be laughed at. And it was the last time I have ever thought about eating animals for almost 13 years. As time moves on the perspective changed and newer ideas about the food chain evolved and when I visited the UK for higher studies I was encouraged by my friends to eat meat as they thought I may not be able to withstand the cold and the choices for vegetarians are less. And so I started eating chicken alone and for sometime it went well. Soon I started developing allergic symptoms like itching and I stopped eating it and decided to be happy as before as a vegetarian. Honestly, I knew and was very sensitive of the changes in my body, thought and peace of mind whilst I had meat and whilst I hadn’t. I know if you see the big picture, the meat eaters are in a way helping vegetarians get vegetables by limiting their numbers so that we could get enough crop area to cultivate our plant based food. So I am not having any aversion against meat eaters. I understand that we all have to coexist and its just that I cant cook for a meat eater and neither can expect her to cook for me as I think she may not be as good as me in cooking a vegetable biriyani. So whadya think?

Friday, October 28, 2005


I would like to put a whole new hypothesis on this perspective of vegetarianism. It may even arise serious doubts about the proponent of that idea whether it is religion or it is just an act which came out of the need for survival under an evolutionary circumstance where Homo Sapiens are not even aware of religion or language. The point both vegetarians and non-vegetarians has to understand is that the idea of not eating meat did not evolve out of any religion, if not a particular religion has adopted that idea for it has benefited its followers. Take any religion's core ideology of getting or bringing the followers towards it; its nothing but the followers are getting some form of comfort in return to what they give as approval or supporter or infrastructure or resource for expanding their belief etc., depending upon their socio-economic status prevailing at that point in time. We accept the fact that since the plant earth has become a host for living beings or we can even put it as the only planet where living beings has evolved with the knowledge we have so far, there were so many circumstances we have had undergone to reach this point which also includes extinction of mammoth animals like Dinosaurs by a catastrophic comet impact on plant earth if not a major epidemic has taken their lives. Imagine what might have happened when the then Homo Sapein came out of the cave to see that there is no more animals left in the plant to eat as food. Don't ask me a question why he as an animal didn’t go extinct. You know the answer. If not, here it is; we are the only prehensile animal in the planet who used caves as home although our actual place of origin is believed to be trees and it is after we started living in caves for protection from rain and other threats which we found fortuitously, we started to develop this habit of standing erect as our women folks took care of protecting the children inside the cave by overlooking the bushes to look for threats. We could also presume that sooner the gals also learnt to close the caves by another big rock for protection when they want to visit another cave gal. So here goes the credit of invention of door goes to our Women species. So the caves protected the smaller species which could accommodate themselves inside it when the mammoth animals couldn’t.
Now, shall we imagine a circumstance when humans ran out of non-veg food. Still more to go. Ain’t got time. Meantime.if u r reading this, u cld add some fuel.


Monday, November 15, 2004

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

International professional migration

I jus was concerned about international migratory behaviour in a human resource marketing perspective.

Would people consider the place they lived and worked for their life time as a place to retire or would they go back to their homeland.

What are the determinats on both cases and what are the implications the host countries face in their decisions.

Would that alter the cultural landscape of the host country as well as the country from where they migrate.

Does all countries despite the fact that the migrants comendable contribution to the host countries economy, favours and/or respects these migrants human rights and addresses thier socio-economic concerns?

I leave it for more questions and answers to arise from more grey matters around the world..

I would exclude in this topic, migration casued by natural calamities, war, and people considered as refugees at this point in time.

I am primarily intrested in migratory behavoiur of professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers and of simillar categories.